Hello Ms. Wendy, 

I took the kids swimming yesterday and for the FIRST time my daughter went diving.  As a mother, who ENJOYs swimming, you can imagine the JOY I experienced all because of YOU.  Thank you so much for what you have offered me and my kid's life. 

PS, before diving, they made her take a swim test and you should have seen her hands straight back just like in your class. 
Kavita P. 
Amazing results , wish we could do it again. Swift progress with safety and fun. Best swim class he has ever taken. 
Nikki R. 

I was very happy with the accelerated program and the progress made during the class.  My daughter also enjoyed the class and remains enthusiastic about swimming.
Audrey W. 
This is an amazing class with great progress made in a short period of time. Thank you! 
Megan S. 
THANK YOU for teaching my children how to be safe around water! 
Christy S. 
I hope that my son is able to continue once a week for the foreseeable future. Before this class he would panic if is face got wet in the pool. And now, though somewhat resistant at times, he is jumping into the water, floating and gliding in the water. Our primary goal in taking these lessons was to get him in the water, and to learn water safety and self-preservation techniques. The most impressive thing I have seen as a result of these lessons is his calm and relaxed approach to the pool. He has learned not to panic, and that if he relaxes, he can do far more in the water than he believed. Money very well invested! Thank you!
Joey M.